A journey of 1000 posts begins with a single step

For quite some time, the idea of blogging has intrigued me. As I’ve read others’ blogs, I’ve thought “I may not be able to do this well, but I could do it.” Holding me back though was nagging self doubt. What would I write about? Would it be interesting? Would anyone read it? Could I do it consistently? Would my boss find out and fire me?

Given these questions, I chose to just fret on the sidelines. I spent my time watching others succeed and fail, while I simply aged. Then one day, over a rather awful egg foo yong, I opened a fortune cookie and read “Behind every dark cloud lies a brite sun.” I had no clue what it meant, but it spoke to me. Behind the poorly spelled fortune was not a bright/brite sun, but a message: blog about fortune cookies.
As Confucius once said, “A good blog can be made of nothing but fortunes and humor, but making fortunes requires more than blogs and humor – you also need pictures of kittens.” Since I don’t intend to pay off my school loans using this blog, instead I’m just going to post fortunes I get from cookies and offer my own unique spin.
There is an off chance that I may also blog about my work (except I’m governed by a confidentiality agreement), politics (except I have relatives in politics who may wish I was governed by a confidentiality agreement), my love life (except it sucks and I wish it was governed by a confidentiality agreement), and my thoughts on life (except those would put you to sleep). Or maybe I’ll just stick to fortunes. Who knows what I’ll do? Other than a fortune of course…

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How the cookie crumbles

The concept for this blog is pretty simple: I get fortunes, and I then come up with what the next line of the fortune might be. Did you ever play that game where you add "in bed" to the end of the fortune? Think of this like that game, but requiring more effort to achieve something that will never be as funny as "in bed." Despite what the number of fortunes might suggest, I am not 500 lbs. Nor do I reek of moo shu pork. Thus, I don't eat out enough to keep this going for too long. If you have your own fortunes you want to share, send me a picture (along with your own next line) and maybe I'll post it. Hit me up at SoldierFortuna {A.T.} gmail.
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