New Fox Show

Last night, David Cook won out in American Idol, leaving millions of Americans with absolutely nothing to vote on. Clearly, a new show is needed.

So I was thinking, after John McCain was forced to reject pastor John Hagee’s endorsement and Barack Obama had to deal with the Rev. Wright incident, perhaps Fox could seize the moment with a well-timed new reality show. Fox could feed the masses’ need to vote contestants off reality shows by placing Hagee, Wright, and other religious luminaries into a house together. Think, Big Brother — but with more God and less hooking up by the pool.

Like any good reality show, the contestants would do challenges each week. For example, they could see how many circumcisions they can do in an hour (“Sorry, John, you did 38, but we have to take off points for the ones where you cut off too much.”). Or the YouTube Sermon Spectacular, where they see who can get more hits for saying the most outrageous things on YouTube. The winner of the challenge would be “saved” for the week; the losers would risk “damnation.” Each week viewers would vote a rabbi, priest, minister, reverend or imam off the show.

They could call it American Idolater.


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