TKC DNC Update: Day 1

I meant to include a clarification about the image included in yesterday’s post; that was a collection of what is scientifically referred to as “corporate logoed crap.” Big companies have conducted millions of dollars in research and determined that putting their corporate image on notepads and water bottles will create customers for life. As of yesterday I will only shop for insurance at Nationwide, because they gave me pens, a first aid kit, AND a waterbottle. What can I say? I’m as weakminded as they thought. Regardless, everyone in the Ohio delegation received that terrific bag.

I guess they give away gift bags like that at the Superbowl too. So I suppose the convention is like the Superbowl for people who got beaten up on the playground as kids. What makes the convention better than the Superbowl is that one of the shirts I got says “58% of Ohioans have a chronic disease.” That’s a shirt I’ll wear out at clubs when picking up chicks because it’s hott.

After attending several events, it has become clear that people add the phrase “… and we’re going to elect Barack Obama to the White House in November” whenever they want applause. They do this even when what preceded is totally undeserving of applause. Seriously, people would applaud here if you said “I stole all your money you morons,” as long as you followed it with words about electing Obama to the White House.

I went to the Pepsi center for a bit today. Once again, the recycling was taken to ridiculous levels. There were about 4 different types of trash cans at each trash location. Not one can was plain old trash. Instead, it was three recycling bins and one composting bin. They’ve actually hired people to stand behind the bins and instruct delegates on how to properly throw away their trash. Perhaps trash instructors are part of Obama’s job creation program if he gets elected.


2 Responses to “TKC DNC Update: Day 1”

  1. 1 AMC
    August 26, 2008 at 9:15 am

    Recycling is a waste of time, resources, and most importantly – energy. It often wastes more energy that it saves and can sometimes even generate more toxic pollution than that saved by recycling. It does make liberal democrats feel better about themselves and create jobs though.

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