TKC DNC Update: Day 3

I’ve been lucky enough to be inside the Pepsi Center for each of the first three days. The halls at the center are so crowded it is nearly impossible to move at some places. In my time navigating these halls, I’ve learned something about Democrats: even though we talk about diversity and acceptance, when a person in a wheelchair stands between a delegate and his destination, the person in the wheelchair loses every time. These bleeding heart liberals are cold hearted bastards.

Melissa Etheridge is not attractive on a 2-story tall high-def screen.

I spotted several celebrities on the floor, but Jamie Foxx created the largest traffic jam.

During the session today, a man grabbed a seat next to me in the Ohio delegation seating area. The third worst thing was that the man was not from Ohio and shouldn’t have been there. The second worst thing was that he was not wearing deodorant. But the worst thing was that they gave us flags to wave, which forced him to raise his arms and magnified the second worst problem.

At breakfast a woman wearing many “Hillary” stickers stole my newspaper as it was sitting right in front of me. If that wasn’t bad enough, later in the morning I overheard her giving an interview in which she insisted Hillary could still win this election…


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