TKC DNC Update: Day 4

Apologies for the delay in posting. Getting out of Invesco field was a disaster last night. There were no directions and it was impossible to find the way out. Sadly, it undercuts the Democrats attacks on the Republicans because there was no exit strategy for that parking lot.

The other day, a guy accosted me in a hall after he saw my Ohio delegation pin. He wanted to trade for the pin; I kind of liked the pin and didn’t really want to trade it, but because I’m kind of an ass, I had him show me all 78 of his pins before turning him down.

At 6:30, the word was sent around the stadium that we had to be in our seats by 7:30, lest they give away our seats. At 7, after trying to stay hydrated since we arrived around 3, we got up to go use the restroom. Unfortunately, the fire marshal had shut down the sections of seating so we couldn’t go to the restroom without being unable to return to our seats. So back to our seats we went even though Obama’s speech was still an hour away! Apparently “change you can believe in” is a change of pants.

Did the tv networks play any of the music from the end of Obama’s speech? To me it sounded more like the music they play at the end of an action movie when the hero lands the disabled 747 and emerges from the smoking wreckage than it did music for the end of a speech. Maybe that’s just me.

An Ohio Democratic Party event after the speech featured a singer who performed a song that had the chorus “I’ve got to be drunk to do that.” You can imagine what the rest of the song was about based on that. So much for dignity in politics.

More seriously, I don’t know how Obama’s speech looked on tv, but in person it was simply spectacular. I thought it was given the way we hope our leaders will talk to us but the way they rarely do outside of Hollywood fantasy.


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