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Something I Do Miss

googleLast week I posted about something I don’t miss.  Today I want to offer a counterpoint.

You know what I miss?  The days when people in my generation knew about Google, but older people didn’t.  In that six-month to one-year sweet spot of technology, adults would always be so impressed with our ability to research . . .  until they learned how to Google on their own.  Why did Sergey and Larry have to ruin Google for the rest of us by taking it to the masses?  All it got them was a sweet plane.


Are you sure it’s not spam?

Every day I clear out to my Gmail spam filter, although not once have I ever found a message that Google erroneously captured. I guess I check it simply out of the eternal optimism that some gorgeous, brilliant woman might be e-mailing me and it would be just my luck that the message would end up in the spam-box and my chance at eternal happiness would be automatically deleted after 30 days. Needless to say, I’ve never seen that message in my spam filter either.

The other day, as I was skimming through my spam-box, I saw an e-mail from “Agamemnon,” who was very concerned about my love-making abilities. Google marked this as spam, but I wasn’t sure why. Is it that hard to believe that a hero of Greek Mythology would e-mail me to inform me of ways that I can ensure that my significant other is thoroughly satisfied? After all, Agamemnon was killed by his wife (who was clearly very dissatisfied), so he would appear to be an expert on the matter.

How the cookie crumbles

The concept for this blog is pretty simple: I get fortunes, and I then come up with what the next line of the fortune might be. Did you ever play that game where you add "in bed" to the end of the fortune? Think of this like that game, but requiring more effort to achieve something that will never be as funny as "in bed." Despite what the number of fortunes might suggest, I am not 500 lbs. Nor do I reek of moo shu pork. Thus, I don't eat out enough to keep this going for too long. If you have your own fortunes you want to share, send me a picture (along with your own next line) and maybe I'll post it. Hit me up at SoldierFortuna {A.T.} gmail.
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