Hope Floats

The other day I linked to a photo that shows Senator John McCain spending his 70th birthday with Raffaello Follieri — con-man extraordinaire — and Follieri’s then-girlfriend Anne Hathaway (Gasp! A celebrity!).  Some people, including The Nation, have suggested some kind of “ties” between John McCain and this now-convicted criminal.

Although I support Barack Obama, I am nothing if not fair and impartial.  Thus, let me say two things in Senator McCain’s favor on this.

First, to suggest that John McCain would ever knowingly associate with anyone who would take innocent people’s money in order to benefit private overseas interests is simply beyond the pale.  The man is an American Hero.

Second, there is a far more innocent and logical explanation for this picture:  John McCain simply forgot how many houses he owned and thought he was boarding one of his houseboats.  It’s a common mistake.  People do it all the time.


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